taking it easy

Posted by footfeathers on November 21, 2010

34 heart rate.  death?

Took this at work; have to walk .2 mile to the machine. Take this almost daily just to freak out the out of shape folks at work.

Oh, and I received my Wolverine buckled from the Bear 100 miler…. that took place September 24th.  Sorta anticlimactic.

4 Responses to “taking it easy”

  1. Steve said

    My most recent was 113 over 70, but 42 pulse. If you are going to get analytical about checking it over a course of time, you need to do it the same time/same circumstances every measurement. I.E., right when you wake up – so bring the machine home from the office :-)

  2. Excellente.

  3. Heck, this is in the middle of the work day after walking for 5 mins. If I checked my pulse before getting out of bed, it’d likely be 25 bpm! It’s always been low. I remember comparing it to edwin moses when I was racing bikes in the 90s. Of course, it was only the pulse that I could compare with…

  4. Digger said

    If you go into the hospital for an operation and get sedated, it’s a great experience.The alarms go off at 38 BPM, they think you’re crashing. A great workout for the nurses,however.

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