Planning for 2011 with McDavid

Posted by footfeathers on November 24, 2010

The way time seems to be screaming by, it’ll be Jan 1st before we know it.


First off, and I’ll write a full post about it soon, I signed an “athlete endorsement” agreement with McDavid USA that began 11/22/10 and runs through the last day of 2011.  I truly enjoy using the clothing and feel the benefits of it through every stage of my training, racing, and recovery.  The forward thinking of McDavid is refreshing and, unlike other compression clothing companies, McDavid comes from a medical and sports medicine background, so they aren’t just making tight clothes and selling them at outrages prices; they have the research and knowledge to design gear specific to the intended use while keeping the final price reasonable.  I’m proud to be a representative of this Chicago based company and plan to do my best in terms of performance and positive exposure.

With the partnership with McDavid, I’m able to participate in more events in varied locations.  Here’s the schedule as it stands now, certainly ambitious for me but I’m committed to training like I’ve never done before to do well.  I’ve taken some time off since the 100k earlier this month and am eager to start building fitness again.

2011 Race Schedule:

Jan 8th:

Bandera 50k Trail Run, Bandera, TX

Feb 12th:

Cool Trail Run 50k (34 mile) Trail Run, Cool, CA

Mar 25th:

Antelope Island 100 Mile Trail Run, Salt Lake City, UT

Apr 15th:

Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim Run (double crossing), AZ

May 14th:

Ice Age 50 Mile Trail Run, La Grange, WI

May 25-29th:

Sunki Mountain Running Camp, Leadville, CO

Jun 17th:

Bighorn 100 Mile Trail Run, Dayton, WY

Jul 8th:

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile Trail Run, Carson City, CA

Aug 6th:

Copper Triangle Cycling Event, CO

78 Mile loop cresting three mountain passes

Aug 20th:

Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run, Leadville, CO

Sept 23rd:

Bear 100 Mile Trail Run, Logan UT (finishes in Idaho)

Oct 15th:

Boulder 24 Hour Run, Boulder, CO

Nov 19th:

JFK 50 Mile Run, Boonsboro, MD

Motivation by Tool (around 6:45 into it is amazing):

14 Responses to “Planning for 2011 with McDavid”

  1. Nic said

    Ice Age on the list! I’ll be running the Junior Varsity event there…let me know if I can help at all!

  2. Shad said

    Dude!!! That is an outrageous! Hope you can keep your good ultra speed you have with that many 100s. I will be doing Bighorn also if I don’t get into Hardrock. Keep in touch and happy T-Day.

  3. Robin said

    This is OFF THE CHARTS but I know that you are in 100%! Going to be great to follow along as you move from one event to the next.

    I have been enjoying some trail running these past few weeks. makes my heart sing!

  4. Matt said

    Super solid! Congrats and look forward to watching that schedule unfold.

  5. Nic, I was intending to meet up with you during ice age!

    The schedule is heavy but spaced appropriately. In a six week span I raced the bear 100 mile, a 50 mile, then a 100k and felt fine after that. If I had the means (like I do this year thanks to mcDavid) this schedule would be what I’d do every year. I thrive and am motivated by organized events on my schedule. Without them I tend to slack off sometimes.

  6. Nick said

    I don’t know…I think that could be a bit much if you want to actually ‘race’ a lot of those. With a few exceptions (Karl and Geoff) I don’t think most people can do that many events and be competitive. By the time you include recovery+taper in between races it is hard to get in a solid training block to be in good shape. The only race I got in a solid build up to was HR, after that I felt like all I did was recover, train a little and then taper. I think results suffered as a result and felt way better at HR compared to any other race. Anyway, that is just my opinion…

  7. Hey Nick,
    I agree with you. There will definitely be “training” events and goal events in that schedule. I don’t care what anyone says, you CAN run events as a training run and it works effectively. I did that with a few races and it worked great.
    3 events are goal races on that schedule.
    I’m also using cycling this year for training/recovery which should help.
    It’s basically the same thing I did this year from June through November with a race each month and that seemed easy. Granted, they weren’t 100s but I felt that the 100 was easier on my body than the 50s!

  8. jmock said

    You and Dwyayne Wade…that’s pretty cool.

  9. Yeah Justin. Part of the deal is I have to grow a foot taller and learn how to play point guard.

  10. Congrats on the sponsorship, and daaaaamn – that is a helluva race schedule. Keep me in the loop re: R2R2R. I might be game for that if you are interested in company.

  11. GZ, sure thing on the r2r2r.
    Regarding the schedule, it’s only 10 running events over the course of a year. It looks heavier because of the either/or races and the cycling events. Like I said, this is what I’d do every year if I had the chance, which I do now.

  12. Steve said

    First off – they could not have picked a better athlete to endorse their product! Second, that is quite the stack of events on tap – you are in for a fantastic year.

  13. Bedrock said


    Hope all is well. That is a pretty aggressive schedule. I am planning on doing the Antelope100 as well. Also, I am going to be out in Boulder in January. Maybe we can catch up while I’m there. Talk soon.


    • Hey Bedford,
      Good to hear from you. Definitely let me know when you’re out here. I’m running out of town on 1/8 but around the rest of the month. Antelope will fill quickly after xmas, so register quickly. Jim Skaggs does a superb job as race director. You’ll have a great time.

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