McDavid Press Release

Posted by footfeathers on December 7, 2010

Official press release from McDavid (the part about 217 miles should say, “raced 3 races totaling 217 miles in 42 days”.  Brownie has already nicely pointed out to me that I must be an animal by averaging 5 miles a day…)

Back to training beginning last week after a nice 3+ week rest.  Got out last night for a run up Green Mtn with Jeff and Aron.  Chattered nonstop.  Great company and beautiful night views from the summit.

At some point I’d like to go over the purpose of this partnership and discuss the specific products I like and use from McDavid for all aspects of training, competing, and recovery.

3 Responses to “McDavid Press Release”

  1. Matt said

    Great stuff. Congrats.
    Send me that program!

  2. Steve said

    Just remember the little guys who knew you before you were world famous… :-)

    Congrats again – well deserved.

  3. Please Steve, I AM one of the little guys. I’m just fortunate that McDavid shares the same vision with me of what being an endorsed athlete means. It’s not just showing up to a race and winning it then hopping in your car to head home without talking to anyone. It’s about representation through writing, communicating feedback, positive and consistent results, understanding the mission of the company, appreciating and believing in the product. It’s an interwoven relationship benefiting both sides.

    I’ve got some McDavid calf compression sleeves I want you to try and review yourself.

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