Can’t Resist

Posted by footfeathers on December 13, 2010

Two posts in one day…

During an email conversation with a friend from CA today about the positives and negatives of blogging and how ultras have changed “BD and AD” (before Dean and after Dean – his term), he was commenting on running gadgets like garmins and ended the last email with:

“i don’t track my miles or my workouts.  i don’t track anything, really.  if it doesn’t help me adjust my training, why bother.  i already know that i don’t run enough and would rather spend time with my son than run.  i have never been nor will ever be a great runner.  i can be a great dad, however. ”

BTW, the man has been running ultras for 15 years and has won Miwok 100k…

He’ll probably kick my butt for quoting him but luckily he doesn’t like or read blogs!



10 Responses to “Can’t Resist”

  1. Matt said

    Great quote. I’ll be thinking about that for a while.

    And then the irony that it’s from a damn good trailer.

  2. Darren Young said

    Well now, I feel guilty for running at all!

  3. Look at it this way, you’re running so you can be a great and healthy father longer!

    Besides, today is your walking workout. :0)

    Aside from insightful, he’s a funny guy. When we were sitting in the car getting ready for the start of a 50 miler last year in East Bay I was fiddling around with arm warmers, wondering out loud whether I should start with gloves, how many gels to carry. Finally, obviously tired of listening to me, he says, “hey I have a banana, an extra water bottle, a jacket, and some other junk if you just want to carry stuff with you in the race.” I put everything on the floor of the car and ran in a shirt shorts and one bottle.

  4. Dave said

    Hmm.. I agree with your friend about training logs, and I think it would be good to look back on a log to discover patterns in training, peaks, valleys etc. I don’t keep a log because I am too lazy.

  5. Darren Young said

    I was going to try and work my walking workout into my original comment somehow, as in, trying to find a way out of it :-)

    As I think this blog post was about Dave your butt is probably going to get kicked. To bad for you that he picked today to start reading blogs!

    To your point of being a “healthy father longer,” you’ve seen my HR data, if my ticker has a quota I’m running through years…fast!

  6. Ha, it ain’t Dave for sure. One, he’s here in Boulder. Two, he HAS a blog, and, he stalks blogs like he runs downhills, efficiently, precisely, and prolifically. Plus, he hasn’t run ultras for half the time as my other friend.

    Hmmm, this could be a fun contest.

    You just have a young heart, so it beats like a 20 year old. Me on the other hand… I’m going to see if I can get mine below 25 bpm.

  7. Darren Young said

    Okay…sorry Dave!

    Hmmm, anonymous was at Dick Collins with you (correct East Bay race, no?) and won Miwok. I think I raced “with” (as in at the starting line “with”) him at Headlands in 2008.

  8. Damn good job, Darren.

  9. Brett said

    Well I did 23 miles last week and could be a better Dad to boot. So there…oh wait, that was the opposite point wasn’t it. Damn.

  10. g said

    Blah, blah, blah. Who is it already?

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