Is this December?

Posted by footfeathers on December 13, 2010

I have to say that I’m loving this weather.  I remember moving here for the first time in early Nov ’06 and three days after arriving I awoke to let Pippit outside and I couldn’t open the door due to THREE feet of fresh snow that had fallen over night.  Over the next three weeks we continued to get pounded with snow storm after storm to the point where I didn’t bother trying to identify my truck from the other buried cars parked in the street, let alone drive it.  It was the snowiest winter Boulder had seen for a very long time.  I was busy with work and spent an extended time in Italy for work beginning early January, so it didn’t matter that much.

So here we are near mid December and it’s dry and warm.  They (whoever ‘they’ are, some farmer’s almanac type folks I imagine) had predicted a drier and warmer winter for us this year.  I know things will change eventually but I’ll take this motivating weather while I can!

Starting back up on Dec 2 after an extended rest period of 3-4 weeks, I’ve slowly been getting back into the swing of regular runs.  It’s crazy how quickly fitness dissolves.  A month ago I was racing 62 miles on a Saturday.  Last week’s total mileage was 50.  The “run” up Green with Jeff and Aron on Monday left my quads sore (very sore) for three days afterward.  Must have been some settled toxins or something deep in the muscles after the concentrated racing miles I did in the fall because I’ve never been that sore after going up Green.  The rest of the week was fine, getting out for around an hour a couple days and then 15 miles Saturday and 12 miles yesterday.

My appetite during the rest weeks wasn’t like it normally is (like a baby elephant), so I stayed pretty lean, though definitely lost muscle mass.  This weekend is the Chubby Cheeks 50k in Ft. Collins.  Probably not the best idea to jump into a 32 mile run climbing over 7,000 ft. of vert, so I’m thinking of doing the abbreviated version (or Junior Varsity version as they’ve named it).  Mostly, it’ll just be nice to get out with the guys who always inspire me throughout the year.

Enjoy the week.

4 Responses to “Is this December?”

  1. Nick said

    The dry weather has to do with La Nina…so you can thank cold water in the central pacific for the weather so far in the front range.

    You should at least do the marathon distance next weekend. I ran the JV version a few weeks back- you would probably be done in around 3.5 hours

  2. Hey Nick.
    Still need to get your buckle back! Good excuse to meet up for a run and beer. Are you going to CC50k this Sat? I’ll see how I feel; if I do go longer than the jv version, it’ll be s-l-o-w-l-y.
    We need to get a few folks to ride together. Silly for 10 guys to take 10 cars.

    • I’ve been asking the same question every day, and thoroughly loving the weather. Best December I can remember since moving here in 2005 also. I remember that snow in 2006, that was nuts. A huge storm every Thursday for like 6 weeks in a row.

      Steve Young and I are carpooling up to the CC this weekend from Boulder, I could fit 3 more people in our car if anyone wants to hook up.

      • Hi Aaron,
        We’ll have to coordinate something for a car pool. George Zack and Brownie are going too, just don’t know what their schedule is for returning. I’m pretty flexible. We can check in with one another to plan a bit more through the week. Just don’t leave the details to me. I’ll have us going up there on the wrong week!

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